The Young Hollywood Hall of Fame is a collaboration of the Greatest ALL-TIME Young Entertainers of each era. Based on an average age range of 5-21 years old, the Young Hollywood Hall of Fame pays tribute to stars in motion pictures, television, music and old time radio.

It has taken numerous books, magazines, and years of research to piece together what little information I could find on young entertainers of the early years and silent film era. Most of these young entertainers at one time were as big of stars as their adult counter parts... yet many of them have been long forgotten & their presence in Hollywood's history is practically obsolete.

The Young Hollywood Hall of Fame hopes to forever preserve the memory of young entertainers of the past, present & future.

The Hall of Fame archives are dedicated to documenting the career histories of each individual entertainer.
To insure the accuracy of the archives, Hall of Fame inductees are encouraged to submit:
bio's, resumes (with correct D.O.B. & birth place), agent and/or manager, PR contacts, awards nominated for & won, music artists stats (album sales & singles), other interesting information such as quotes, book autobiographies, fan club info, star on walk of fame, prints at chinese theater, official website, etc.

Leave a legacy behind and let the world know how you would like to be remembered as a part of

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The Oscar Award icon, Emmy Award icon, Grammy Award icon, NAACP Image Award icon, or Golden Globe icon next to a photo signifies an award nomination or win by the age of 21 years old.